Five Memphis officers charged in the death of Tyre Nichols, video of Paul Pelosi attack released, and Trump is returning to Facebook and Instagram—with…

January 2023

All the news that's fit to spin.
War in Ukraine, more classified documents found at Biden's residence, and flooding across California
Kevin McCarthy elected Speaker, supporters of Bolsonaro storm government buildings in Brazil, and more

December 2022

Dec 22-29; Biggest Topics Across the Left & Right: 1. Ukraine Russia Conflict 2. Winter Storm 3. Cancellation of Flights 4. Elon Musk and Twitter 5…
Dec 15-22; Top topics across the left, center, & right: 1. Argentina beats France, 2. Fed slows interest rate hikes, 3. US sending patriot missiles to…
Dec 7-15; Top topics: 1. Twitter Censorship, 2. Release of Brittney Griner 3. France beats England 4. Fed Hikes
Dec 1-8; Top topics: 1. Trump Tax fraud, 2. Gun-violence, gun-control & crime, 3. Georgia Runoff, 4. China Protests
Top 3 topics: Ukraine, China, Twitter; Left Obsess 🟦👁 Gun Violence; Right Obsess 🟥👁 Democrat House Power, Criticizing Racial/Identity Policies;

November 2022

Introducing perspectives from the left, right, and center; Twitter, Ukraine, and Shootings
Trump's back on Twitter; Left outlets ignore FTX Fraud and Negative Economic Outlook; Right outlets ignore Ukraine, Climate-talks, and World Cup…
Deep dives on Trump 2024, FTX SBF; 🟦🙈 Left Minimizes Biden's Student Debt Relief Issues; 🟥 Right Minimizes Ukraine and Fed Rates