Be your own informant with Clarity

You know your favorite outlets under-report on certain topics amplify others.

You know that your outlets caters to your world view.

You know that reading from multiple outlets is good for you, but you don't have enough time in the day.

What if you had a map that showed you how outlets bias you by pushing certain stories?

Clarity is a transparent news aggregator—one that aims to deliver a concise, clear, and unbiased summary of today’s most important news, by aggregating over the most trusted and popular news outlets from the left, center, and right. We use leading-edge AI to cut through media bias, deliver a more complete view of major topics, and help make you smarter and better-informed.

It's difficult to understand how the media you consume is shaping your perspective. We’re all swimming in our own, personalized filter bubbles, and often only see information that confirms our existing beliefs and opinions.

This phenomenon is exaggerated by the streetlight effect. Different news outlets shine a light on different aspects of reality, and it's easy to get caught up in one perspective without seeing the full picture. This can lead to a distorted understanding of events and issues.

We built Clarity to help you see the full picture. By bringing together bias ratings, attention scores, and the most advanced AI language models, we’re able to help you see where all the lights are shining.

We are the anti-filter for your news.

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Coloring in our information bubbles so you could see them